Having a Flawless Look with Remington’s Top Most Vacuum Hair Kit

Vacuum technology is the most favorable for electric shavers and trimmers as it is not just effective but convenient as well. It is an innovative technology that helps in cleaning the electric shaving devices with maximum ease and comfort. Remington has employed this technology to better the performance of its devices are unique in designs and dynamic in efficacy. 

Remington’s HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit will make your life easier by erasing all worries regarding the hygiene of the devices that you use for grooming. This device, in particular, is built for a powerful method of keeping your shaver/trimmer safe and going for a long time. It has a Dual motor Power System that drives extreme vacuum suction after the precision cutting with minimum to no mess at all. The device also has a High-Speed Fan that removes the hair remaining hair residue for more cleanliness. The airflow is strong through the air chamber which created maximum pulling of the treated hair. The users cannot deny the power and efficiency of this device. You need to try it for knowing!

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About the Device

  • It is an 18-piece kit with:
  • 6 length altering combs,
  • Right and left tapers
  • A styling comb
  • Barber scissors
  • A cleaning brush
  • A blade guard
  • 3 sectioning clips
  • An oil bottle
  • An extra-large storage pouch
  • The device has Precision Ground Blades that work with high speed and strength that can treat even the toughest of hair. The hard hair of beards can be easily removed or trimmed with these blades
  • It has a Dual Motors Innovative System for precision hair clipping and vacuum suction. The high-speed fan collects and removes all hair for a safe and hygienic clean-up
  • There is an Extra Large Chamber for removing the collected hairs after being treated
  • It has a powerful battery that works with a voltage of 110 120 VAC (corded)

This device is made for the ones who like regular grooming and perfect trimming without the hassle of inconvenient devices. Hence, the users become addicted to this device with one use.

Key Features

  • Vacuum System

The powerful vacuum system makes your post-shave/trimming cleaning easy by pick up almost 90% of the collected hair. This feature is convenient for saving time for cleaning

  • Dual Motor Power

The dual-motor power works for the precision technology which not just helps in precise shaving, but also enhances the vacuum suction function. It also collects trimmed hair with maximum efficiency

  • 18-Piece Kit

It has everything you need for a perfectly comfortable shave at home; length combs, scissors, cleaning brush, and more

  • Removable Blade

A removable blade system provides an easy shave and cleaning function. It helps in keeping the device neat and hygienic

  • Precision Ground Blades

These blades stay sharp and strong for years. They provide accurate function and consistent performance

HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit is a device with many aspects that make it quite different from other Remington grooming devices. It is because of the latest technology and strong motor power that this product remains reliable.

Product Details

Dimensions: 3.13 x 7.25 x 10.5 inches

Weight: 1.65 Pounds

Item Model Number: HKVAC2000B

Remington’s HKVAC2000A

What Users and Experts Say

The device has been considered one of the most liked ones. It is designed for precision shaving and trimming which makes it more convenient for regular use. According to the users, its vacuum suction technology is one of a kind in shaver equipment. It is made to ease the task of shaving and cleaning which is a big hassle for many people. Also, the ultimate strong suction technology makes the device hygienic for every use. It is also affordable for everyone which makes it more desirable. It has an ergonomic grip and design which is easy to handle. Besides, it is lightweight and portable for safe travel.

The device has rotary motors which use a rotating piston whose action is converted into a side-to-side motion for the blades. This feature produces more torque which is best for thicker, longer, and wet hair. Hence, the beards with rough and hard hair can be easily treated with this device. Overall, the device is convenient and easy to handle with maximum power and protection. 

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