Hitachi Refrigerators Review

Hitachi is currently Japan’s biggest refrigerator maker. Among its products is the Hitachi RS37NVND refrigerator. The 438 liters frost free refrigerator with 85 liters freezer capacity has a clean back. Other features include deodorizing capacity, moisture and humidity control and quick freezing compartment with standard warranty claim for refrigerator. This refrigerator has refrigerator compartment on top with deep door pockets, 2 vegetable trays at the center with separate door and freezer at the bottom with 2 drawers. It comes with automatic ice cube maker where water tank is located in the refrigerator compartment and whenever ice is required water will be flown to ice trays through pump.

The refrigerator capacity is 353 liters. As stated earlier, it is frost free. The air flow system is the multi air flow system. Insulation is PUF. There is a temperature control dial. It has 3 doors. It has 12 number of shelves and boxes. It has 4 cabinet shelves, 3 freezer shelves and 4 refrigerator door shelves. The material used for shelves is crystal which is adjustable. It has an open door alarm. The egg rack is removable. The egg tray capacity is 14. The material for the crisper or vegetable tray is plastic. There is a separator for vegetables and fruits and a moisture or humidity control. Furthermore, it has quick freezing component and chiller tray. It is available in grey color. The exterior finish is made of stainless steel. It is 590 mm in width, 615 mm in depth and height of 1798 mm. It comes with a warranty period of one year.

Another Hitachi refrigerator, the R 26SVND, is also a 3-door refrigerator with capacity of 306 liters and has NANO-TITANIUM filter. It has 3 separate compartments, and automatic ice cube maker. It also features quick freezing, mold proofing door gasket and chill leaking alarm.

The refrigerator capacity is 230 liters with freezer capacity of 76 liters. Its net capacity though is 201-400 liters. It has the same air flow system, insulation and defrosting system as the RS37NVND model. It has 3 doors, clean back and deodorizing system. It has the same number of shelves and boxes, cabinet shelves freezer shelves and refrigerator door shelves as the RS37NVND. Furthermore it has a large bottle shelf with spill guard. The crisper and vegetable tray is made of acrylic. It, too, has vegetable and fruit separator and moisture or humidity control.

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