Self-Grooming for Men Made Easy with Philips Shavers

Philips is the brand that ranks at the top among the world-class shavers and trimmers for men. This brand has remained the ultimate choice of men who are enthusiastic about their looks and want an updated and trendy appearance regularly. In other words, Philips is the most sought-after name for exceptional and revolutionary electric grooming with maximum ease and convenience. 

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, FFP, QP2520/90 is a powerful device that is best for all types of styles i.e. stubble, clean-shaven, goatee, bandholz, soul patch, etc. It is also perfect for full, short, and hipster beards. Be it any hair type, this device works effortlessly on them i.e. frizzy, smooth, rough, thick, or thin hair.

Philips OneBlade QP2520

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About the Product:

  • Philips Norelco trimmer and shaver are specially designed to cater to the needs of all types of beard, facial and body hair. It is best for all facial contours and edges that are hard to trim or crop in a neat way
  • The blades are replaceable. One blade lasts up to 4 months
  • Stainless steel blades can trim, edge, and shave any length and type of hair
  • The dual-sided blades are sharp enough to give precise and well-defined edges on any type of hair
  • There are 3 click-on stubble combs added to the pack
  • It has a replaceable head
  • It can be used as wet and dry

The product is created with a unique One-Blade shaving technology that is made efficient with a fast and steady cutter (200 times per second). This cutter works with a dual protection system to give you a smooth shave that lasts longer. This blade is designed to avoid close shaves to avoid any damage to the skin.

Philips OneBlade QP2520 takes care of the sensitivity of the skin and prevents any irritation and allergies. It also helps obviate rashes and redness that are usually seen post-shave. Hence, this device is the most gentle on the skin among others.

Specifications of OneBlade QP2520:

  • Product type: Hybrid for face
  • Unique feature: Trim, edge, and shave
  • Shaving Closeness: Not too close/ comfortable
  • Trimming length settings: 3
  • Battery usage/ charging time: 45 minutes/ 8 hours
  • Replacement blade reference: QP220/80 (2 blades)

The product is renowned for its high-performance precision shave and trimming technology. It is not good for beards, but also best for different men’s hairstyles like textured crop or buzz cuts. Hence, it is easy to use and affordable for everyone.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 8.07 x 2.36 inches
  • Weight: 0.71 pounds
  • Blades: Stainless steel
  • Item model number: QP2520/90
  • Battery running time: 45 minutes

Philips OneBlade QP2520 is the top choice for men who want versatile beard looks daily. Those who are conscious of their looks prefer this device as it is not just portable, but also convenient to use, anytime and anywhere. 


  • The product is versatile in performance
  • It is well-designed and adjustable
  • It gives a hassle-free trimming and shaving
  • It is affordable


  • Short battery time
  • Take too much time to fully charged (8 hours)
  • Not too efficient in handling long hair
  • It weighs 324g, which is not quite light-weight for easy traveling

Philips is best known for helping those who have suffered razor burns or cuts using traditional shavers. Philips OneBlade QP2520 is marvelous for dealing with that stubborn ingrown hair that damages your skin in the long run.

The product’s grip is good enough to be held in hand for as long as one is using it. It has a rubber grip on the edges that ensure strong handling. It also has a button to eject the slider to remove the head of the shaver.

OneBlade QP2520 is, according to the brand, something in between a rotary shaver and a trimmer. It is not a typical foil shaver either. It is a single-blade device that is powerful enough to replace many blades. Hence, it does not need many blades to do the job. 

The device is smaller in size as compared to other shavers offered by Philips. It is light-weight and easy to carry. The small size is also good for making those small and precise sideburns. However, if you want to remove a big chunk of hair in one stroke, then this shaver might not be ideal for you. Notwithstanding, the product is affordable, easy to use, and perfect for quick trimming on almost any type of hair

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